Thursday, August 19, 2021

CrossFit Empire South – CrossFit

2nd week of Nutrition Bootcamp is tonight! We are going over weighing and measuring food! Be here at 7pm!

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Shoulder Press

E1:30 x 6 Sets

2 reps @ 85% of 1RM

Metcon (Time)

“We Are Family”

Teams of 2 (1:1)

3 Rounds (each) (5 min time cap each set)

20/15 Calorie Assault Bike or 30/21 Cal Row

20 Hand Release Push-ups

10 Squat Cleans (185/125)
Partner A goes through whole round while Partner B rest, then switch

Burn! 12:00pm

3 Rounds For Time:

Min 1: Max Kettlebell Swings

Min 2: Max Cal Bike

Min 3: Max Plate Ground to Overhead

Min 4: Max Cal Row

MIn 5: Max Hang Dumbbell Squat Snatches

Min 6: Max Shuttle Sprints

Min 7: Rest

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