Friday, June 4, 2021

CrossFit Empire South – CrossFit

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Metcon (Time)

“Mount Rushmore”

For Time: (16 min time cap)

30/24 Calorie Assault Bike or 42/34 Cal Row



Front Squats (115/85)

Toes to Bar


30/24 Calorie Assault Bike or 42/34 Cal Row

Bench Press

Bench Press

5 x 10

*Build in weight across sets *



3 Rounds:

15 Barbell Curls

15 DB Tricep Extension (each side)

Southside Competitive Strength

Snatch Pull + High Pull + Snatch:

(1+1+1) @ 70% 1RM Snatch

(1+1+1) @ 75%

(1+1+1) @ 80%

*Rest 2 minutes between sets *

Burn! 12:00pm

3 Rounds For Time; Teams of 2: (40 min time cap)

400m Run

500m Row

32/20 Cal Bike

Partner 1 will run while partner 2 performs max distance farmers carry. When partner 1 gets back from run, Partner 2 runs while partner 1 take their place and picks up where they left off. This sequence continues for row and bike. Once through round 1, the kettlebell/dumbbell holds change going into round 2.

*Round 1: Max Farmer Carry Walk

*Round 2: Max OH Walk

*Round 3: Max Front Rack Wall Sit

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