Thursday, May 6, 2021

CrossFit Empire South – CrossFit

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Metcon (Time)

“It Hurts To Sneeze”

For Time: Team of 2 (30 min time cap)

60 Stick Sit Ups

8 Rope Climbs or 32 Strict Pull-Ups

80/60 Cal Assault Bike

50 Stick Sit Ups

6 Rope Climbs or 24 Strict Pull-Ups

70/55 Cal Assault Bike

40 Stick Sit Ups

4 Rope Climbs or 16 Strict Pull-Ups

60/48 Cal Assault Bike

30 Stick Sit Ups

2 Rope Climbs or 8 Strict Pull-Ups

50/40 Cal Assault Bike

Burn! 12:00pm

For Time:

2800m Row

Every 2 mins:


5 sit ups

5 heavyish Kbell swing


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