Friday, April 17, 2020

CrossFit Empire South – CrossFit

Weekly Mindset: “It’s okay to look at the past and the future, just don’t stare.”

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Clean Work

E2:00 x 6 Sets

-2 Hang Power Cleans

-2 Hang Squat Cleans

-1 Squat Clean from Floor
You may drop barbell between hang power, hang squat, full squat

Build each set. Start at 55-65% of lowest of these lifts

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

“Count Chalkula”


30 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)

25 Box Jumps (24″/20″)

20 Toes to Bar

15 Push Presses (135/95)
If we don’t have a KB, we can do DB Snatches or Ground to Overhead with an odd object

If we don’t have a box, we can find a sturdy surface and jump on it or step ups on a chair, bench, etc.

If we don’t have a pull up rig for T2B, we can perform V-Ups

In place of a barbell, we can use DBs, KBs, an odd object for shoulder to overhead

Metcon (No Measure)

Burn! 12:00pm

Every 5 Minutes x 5 Sets:

200 Meter Run

15 Burpees

200 Meter Run


3 Rounds of:

25 Calf Raises

25 Glute Bridges

25 Sit Ups

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